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Oil Based Polyurethane - Doesn't Dry FastBWD

Oil based polyurethane in the industry reffered to as OMU. These finishes are known for their flow and build creating smooth, durable, thick and warm feeling finished products. They fill the grain of the coated creating more of a plastic coated look as opposed to more of the look of a furniture finish.


If you asked me 10 years ago there is no way I would suggest waterborne finishes for your wood floor. In My opinion the tables have turned and we have almost completely removed oil based polyurethane from our finishing options. We can and do use HIGH QUALITY OIL BASED FINISH. It is recommended when.

Certain Re-coats where contamination will may be an issue

Questionable living conditions where unusual or dramatic seasonal changes may occur

Attempting to match previously refinished flooring or woodwork

Certain commercial situations

Customer stresses the fact that they want a plastic coated look that oil based finish will provide

When there is no way I can convince the customer otherwise

After reading this I am sure you realize Oil Based Finishes are not my first choice for a wood floor. I honestly feel the only advantage of these finishes are they can be bought by most flooring contractors for close to $10 per Gallon. Polyurethane is not Polyurethane. Make sure you are getting a quality product. Please keep in mind more or thicker is not necessarily better.