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It's important to note that every few years your floor should be recoated to maintain its protective layer with the Bona Recoat System™.


This is an easy and proven recoat process that safely removes contaminants from the floor, rinses the floor clean and refortifies your hardwood floor with a new coat of Bona Traffic or Bona Traffic HD™.

This new coat of finish will restore the beauty and prolong the life of your hardwood floor. The Bona Recoat System fills in surface scratches, restores sheen and luster and maintains a protective layer on your hardwood floors.


In 3 easy steps your hardwood floors will be protected by the best finish in the industry!

  • Remove: Bona Remover™ solution breaks up and removes any contaminants on the floor, preparing the floor for a thorough cleaning.

  • Rinse: Bona Rinse™ solution is specifically designed to rinse the floor clean of Bona Remover and contaminants, preparing the floor for a new coat of finish.

  • Refortify: Once all the contaminants are removed and cleaned from the hardwood floor, it is ready to be refortified with a new coat of Bona Traffic® or Bona Traffic HD™.