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Dust-Free Sanding Dust-Free Sanding - Yes, It Exists!

The days of hanging plastic, covering every surface, and vacating your home for a dusty nightmare are over.

Bona’s innovative dust free sander, the Bona Atomic DCS, connects a powerful vacuum motor to sanding equipment. The combination virtually eliminates airborne dust generated while sanding. At the same time, Bona’s Atomic Dust Containment Systems are the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems in the world. They are capable of reducing dust far beyond even what traditional sanding generates.

DCS...What and Why?

DCS stands for Dust Containment Sanding. Why is it revolutionary? Not only does it save you time, it is the healthiest available option for you, your family and even your pets. DCS eliminates airborne particles which traditional sanding methods cannot. With DCS you will not have dust nestling in your air ducts or lingering in your lungs. Particulate matter won’t mess up your home furnishings, or settle into your new glossy coat of finish. It's the safe and easy choice.

Types of DCS

Bona offers two innovative DCS designs. The Bona Atomic Trailer System is Bona's most powerful dust containment system. It is trailer-mounted, and industrial size. It attaches to a gas powered engine outside of the home, which significantly increases airflow and dust extraction.


Bona Portable DCS features:  

• HEPA filter meets EPA lead abatement criteria

• Extremely portable and easy to use

GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.

The Bona Portable DCS is the most advanced dust containment system available. By combining a Bona exclusive two-step cyclonic intake system with a hospital-grade HEPA filter, the Portable DCS delivers the dust containment results you need and your customers will demand. The Bona Portable DCS uses a Longopac® system (continuous bag) to collect the dust. This system eliminates the need to expose the collected dust to the job site when emptying the bag.

Both are used by Scott Krute & Sons Inc.