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Abatement projects.

Abatement is a set of activities aimed specifically at
eliminating lead or lead hazards. EPA has regulations for certification and training of
abatement professionals. If your goal is to eliminate lead or lead hazards, contact the
National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEA D (5323) for more information.

Lead Based Paint Abatement Method 1 Encasement/Encapsulation: This method involves the encapsulation/encasement of the lead based paint with a fluid applied coating or coatings system that dries and cures like a regular paint yet does not allow the lead in the original paint layer to migrate to the surface coating and cause a reintroduction of the original lead based paint hazard into the environment as the new coating deteriorates.

Lead Based Paint Abatement Method 2 Enclosure:  This method involves the enclosure of the lead based painted surface by Gypsum wall board or another material that stops lead dust and chips from being introduced into the environment.

Lead Based Paint Abatement Method 3 Removal/Replacement:  This Method involves removal/replacement of the lead based paint or the building component coated with lead based paint with a new building component and/or a non-lead containing coating.  When removing lead based paint make sure to contain the area and use techniques involving wet scraping or the use of a product that allows for the wet removal of the lead based paint to limit the generation of hazardous lead containing dust.  The removal and disposal of lead based paint proves the most costly of these three methods and is only recommended in limited areas like door or window jams where it may be necessary to preserve a building component for historical preservation purposes.